An unpleasant cold has been trundling through our household over the last few weeks. It struck all three children, one after another, and then took down the parents for a grand finale.

But many good things have happened, albeit with less fanfare, while we’ve been navigating our way back to health. One was that we received a lovely hand-knit vest, made specially for Mica, from my friend Jan.

Jan was someone I met while volunteering at the library, and in addition to being a really nice person who is happy to discuss the babies in our respective lives at length, she is also a Georgette Heyer fan. In fact, she has found multiple great copies of Heyer’s works for me in used book stores. That is a great friend indeed.

She also knits. There was a time when i imagined that I would knit for my children; that time has slipped away, and I rely instead on the generosity of friends and family. Fortunately we’ve been lucky.

(I love how distrustful she looks in that second photo. If you look closely, you can just see hints of where she cut her own hair on the right side.)