The kids like taking things apart. I suppose this goes without saying; anyone who interacts with kids for any length of time must be aware of their propensity for destruction.

But they especially seem to like taking apart electronic things. It helps that Dave is knowledgeable enough about electronics to be able to point out things like capacitors and explain what they are for. (I have run into that information over the years, but my brain classifies it as “hardware” knowledge and dumps it with prejudice.)

Recently we had the opportunity of a thoroughly broken CD player, and the kids took advantage of screwdrivers and pliers and made it into much smaller and more interesting pieces. This was great fun; they got to see what was inside speakers, for example, and Dave explained how the mechanics of speakers functioned. And when the disassembly was complete, Nathan decided that he needed to build a shelf from scrap wood to hold their newly acquired treasures.