Clothing Choices

I dimly recall the boys going through (brief) phases where they experimented with all kinds of fun and outlandish clothing. I’m not sure of the details; it was a long time ago. But Mica is in that phase now; every once in a while she feels the need to put together her own outfit.

In Mica’s case I think she might also be influenced by Destiny, a friend of the boys who we still see regularly. Destiny’s mom doesn’t have the same attitude toward clothes that I do. (My philosophy is roughly: “Does it fit? Is it (pretty) clean? Then it’s fine.”) Destiny wears actual outfits, and several times, if she’s been lucky enough to be around when I’m getting Mica dressed, has seemed excited by the prospect of choosing Mica’s clothes. Being excited about choosing clothes is (to me) a little bizarre, but as long as I’m not in a hurry, it’s fine by me.

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  1. Marybeth Says:

    Love the look!

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