I have played maybe a dozen games of chess in my entire life. Three of them have been in the last month, because Nathan, who frequently sees chess boards out at Free School, wanted to give it a go.


Here is where we left our last game, interrupted by a sick two-year-old. I was white. This is the second time that Nathan has beat me, and while it’s true that I’m giving him a few advantages (unlimited take-backs, he always goes first, and if I see a really good move for him I’ll tell him), he has done a fair amount of the work himself. I hear him muttering things like “I could kill you there, but then you’ll kill me…”, and the other day he told me that when a knight moves it always changes the color of the square it’s on. (I had to work that out to see if it was true.)

Playing against me won’t increase his skill very quickly; I have no skill myself, so nothing really to teach him. But it’s fun. And if he keeps enjoying it, I might just sneak a peek at a beginning chess lesson at some point, to see if there are some general pointers we can both use.


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