Setting Things On Fire

Recently Ryan asked me to put hand sanitizer on my grocery list. This surprised me. It isn’t something we normally buy, and Ryan has not hitherto displayed an intense concern with hygiene. (Although to be fair, he really dislikes getting things like egg whites or flour on his hands while cooking. This can make certain tasks like making scrambled eggs challenging, as he wants to rinse his hands after every egg.)

Fortunately Ryan is very verbal, so before I could wonder too much about his request, he told me, “You can light it on fire!”


It seemed that a YouTube video had demonstrated this awesome property of hand sanitizer to him. In the video, someone even dips their fingers into flaming blue goo, which I have to admit looks pretty cool. This video had changed Ryan’s perspective on hand sanitizer from “is that really a thing?” to “I must have some now!”

“Setting Things On Fire” is a significant hobby in our household. Never one to stand in the way of a hobby, I did as he asked, but bought only a tiny, travel-sized bottle. I was also relieved that his innate wariness kept him from actually putting his fingers into it when the time came.

He did spend a good amount of time occupied with a fire brick, some hand sanitizer, and matches, though.


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