We have entered that gentle post-Christmas lull, the one can last (if one guards it carefully) until the new year. As uaual, our celebration of Christmas was a bit haphazard; we are still not using breakable ornaments, and although we tried having the presents under the tree, Mica proved to us pretty quickly that no, she still has the self-control of a two-year-old. She utterly adored the concept of Christmas presents. We followed our usual pattern of opening one gift (for each kid) each day until Christmas Eve, so that each one gets a chance to be savored. Mica liked this idea but really needed about three presents per day to meet her internal gift-opening needs. There were some rough moments.


But overall it was a very exciting week, culminating in stockings on Christmas morning. That was a moment in which I was glad that I normally try to limit our kids’ candy intake. I’d put some candy in each of their stockings, but to me it seemed a rather meager amount (I’m saving some to dole out in lunches when we go back to school). But Ryan immediately declared it “a whole ton of candy,” reassuring me that sometimes the best way to appreciate a bit of chocolate is not to indulge too often.


My normal temptation, now that Christmas is over, is to immediately look forward to disposing of the tree on New Year’s Eve and get started with the new year. But this year, inspired by memories of long, lazy winter holidays when I was a kid, I’m trying to savor this lull. This quiet time is a bit of a tradition too.


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