Halloween has been much anticipated this year by everyone in the house (or at least those under 30). Nathan and Ryan, old pros at this holiday, of course had the memory of previous sugar binges to spur them on. But I was surprised to discover that Mica also seemed familiar with the major customs — surprised, that is, until I discovered that she’d seen a YouTube video that explained it all. Her knowledge wasn’t perfect — when we left the house for trick-or-treating she was still talking about going out to “buy” candy — but she knew candy was involved and oh boy was she excited about it.


I completely relinquished any vision of myself as a costume-making mother this year, and just took the kids to Value Village to buy costumes. Ryan chose a ninja outfit and looked awesome. Nathan chose a grim reaper but decided at the last minute to forego the mask and hands and instead made himself a hybrid of the reaper, a character called Sans, and a superhero. As for Mica, she didn’t seem too interested in any of the small child costumes, so I instead suggested some wings and a wand so she could be a fairy.

She was thrilled about the wings until I had to tell her that these were pretend wings, not the kind that would actually let you fly, and then she was less thrilled. But she went along with it. Being a pretend fairy wasn’t nearly as good as being a real one, but if it was the best her mother could do for her, she seemed willing to suffer through.

And it was worth it. All their costumes were well-received, and candy was forthcoming. Mica, whose sense of boundaries is still two years old, had the extra bonus of occasionally spotting a dog in the house, and several times invited herself inside to pet a new friend. It’s hard to refuse anything to a two-year-old fairy.


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