We had a wonderfully rich and relaxing week at the lake, courtesy of Tom and Marybeth. It’s so much fun to get the kids into a new space and watch them explore. Even on the cooler days we had (one with a thunderstorm!) there was plenty to do: we painted, played Little Wizards, and made some beaded jewelry as gifts for Marybeth.

But of course the best part of being at the lake is being outside. There are rocks, for one thing. The boys hunted for precious (i.e., unusual or glittery) rocks both by boat and on foot. Mica threw rocks of the dock (including those the boys had collected; we had to find another solution for that). Nathan “helped” with a small rock wall Tom is building to hopefully encourage some sand to collect on the beach.




And there are boats. Nathan continued his kayaking skills, and Ryan, although I didn’t get a picture of it, took a few turns in it himself. (The next day he went out again in rougher water and decided he didn’t like kayaking after all.) Mica had multiple rides and complained when I insisted on giving someone else a turn. I got to try both Marybeth’s paddleboard and Tom’s new rowboat, both of which were really fun.




There are fish, too. The boys spent most of our last day fishing with Tom. Nathan, despite being patient and persistent, at first caught nothing; Ryan caught a fish the first time he dropped a hook in the water, and another not much later. But Nathan didn’t complain and eventually his persistence was rewarded. Both of them ended up catching multiple fish and we had several mouthfuls of freshly-caught bass for dinner that evening, which they decided they didn’t like. That’s ok; only a few hours before, Ryan had been insisting that we take the fish home and keep it in a tank as a pet. I was just glad he’d been persuaded over to the cook-it-and-eat-it camp.







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