Wins And Losses

Despite a certain need for pruning, the fruit trees in our front yard have been outdoing themselves this year — the apple and plum trees in particular are loaded down with fruit, so much so that many of the more slender apple branches are pointing at the ground. It’s always wonderful to watch a heavy crop of fruit growing and know that in a month or two it will be sweet and tasty.

Anything Mica doesn’t get before then, anyway. She’s pretty excited about the picking-fruit-off-trees concept, and, like all young children, sees no real reason to wait for some distant and possibly mythical stage called “ripe.”




Our vegetable beds in the back have not fared quite so well this year. I had a brilliant idea this spring, an idea that seemed so perfect that in retrospect it could only be flawed. I decided to put in a row of flowers between the tomatoes, in the very back of my beds, and the greens and bush beans in the front. In itself this didn’t need to be a problem, if I’d carefully chosen compact flowering plants that would stay only a foot high. Instead I ordered packets of bee and hummingbird attracting flowers from Territorial.



They have grown with vigor and loveliness, and some of them (notably the delphinium and oriental poppies) I have really been enjoying. I may even try to transplant a few to other parts of the garden. But what haven’t grown this year are my tomatoes, which were overshadowed early on and have been fighting a losing battle for light.


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