Is two the official age of “not a baby anymore”? I remember when Nathan turned two, he seemed so big and capable — but then, we’d just had Ryan a few weeks earlier. Mica at two is also big and capable (for example, she can unlock and open the back door, which makes keeping her inside difficult), but with her brothers around she still feels like the baby.


To celebrate her second birthday, which may or may not make her not a baby, we tried to do very Mica-centric things. In the morning I unobtrusively left out a box that had arrived from her grandmother, and let Mica discover and delve into the gifts it contained. Her favorite one was quickly dubbed Little Lamb and has been a major contender for Mica’s affections ever since. We headed out for the park next — the park with the water fountains, which Mica adores. Unlike the bathroom sink, there she’s actually encouraged to play in the water.


And I gave in to pressure (applied just as much by the boys as by Mica, a pattern that our family has seen before) and made a small cake for dessert. An actual layered cake holds a lot of glamour for the kids. Poor Mica had a few bad moments when I tried to convince her that she needed to wait until after dinner for cake to be served, but she is still small enough that I eventually just put it on top of the fridge. (That won’t work for the boys anymore. Thank goodness they’ve developed some capacity for delayed gratification.) When the cake finally made an appearance, it was much appreciated.


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