Bee Houses

On my (vast) mental list of Household And Garden Projects has been, for a long time, making bee houses. We have a reasonable native bee population in this area — at least, I think we do, since I see them around all the time — and I’d love to encourage them. I’d love to encourage anything that increases the yield of my garden.

Bee houses for cavity dwelling wild bees are supposed to be crazy easy to make, and I mentioned this to the boys one day while we were talking about various kinds of bees (specifically about how the wild bees are unlikely to sting you, or even in some cases incapable of it). To my great astonishment they wanted to make the bee houses right now.


So we did make one — a rougher, not-quite-ideal version than the sort I have in mind long-term, but one that could be made in the moment. We had a log too crooked to split for firewood; we drilled a scattering of holes in it, with both Nathan and Ryan helping; and now it remains only to see if anything will take up residence this year.

This skill, by the way — of choosing an easy version of the project rather than the more elaborate one I have in mind — does not come easily to me. But, as more than one person has pointed out, our children are our best teachers.


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