Easter Eggs

Last year there was much hiding and finding of plastic eggs filled with candy for Easter, which was fun except that I was always the filler and hider, and after a while that felt like a lot of eggs. I remember thinking that I needed a way to make this holiday a little simpler for myself. Which is why it is so inexplicable that this year I made large paper mache eggs filled with treats.

This project was an excellent learning experience — in particular, I learned to do at least a couple solid layers before popping the balloon. so that the thing wouldn’t collapse under its own moistened weight. Also I learned never to do paper mache while the baby is awake. And probably I should have stopped at three layers total, because those things had some real strength to them. Belatedly googling for paper mache eggs ideas, I discovered someone doing smaller, more delicate eggs along a similar vein. Tissue paper sounds much easier to manipulate than newspaper. Maybe next year…

But I have to admit that hiding the eggs was easier this year — all I had to do was find one spot big enough for an ostrich egg, and done! We did one at a time, I let each of the boys help me with the other one’s egg, and the whole hiding and finding process took only about fifteen minutes. Then came the real challenge: getting the eggs open. Stomping them was eventually determined to yield the best results.





Happy Easter!


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