Baby Spiders

We recently acquired a swing from a friend, in the hope that when the weather warms I’ll find somewhere to hang it. Mica adores swinging, and if I can only find the right place for it, I can picture snatching ten-minute reading breaks while I push the swing with my other hand.


Meantime it sat near our back door until just recently, when I noticed that it must have come with an unnoticed bonus prize: a spider egg sac, which manifested itself as dozens of tiny yellow spiders clustered on a delicate tangle of web. Naturally I called the kids over. We relocated our new friends outside and spent some time talking about how tiny they were and reminiscing about Charlotte’s Web. Also we tried to keep Mica, with that natural baby exploration instinct, from killing them all.



I warned the kids that it may still be too cold for spider babies to survive outdoors, but so far they’ve huddled together at night and seemed at least alive, if not delighted, during the day.


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