Eight Bucks Of Science

Ok, sort of science. More like science-ish play. I discovered that we can get dry ice at the nearby Fred Meyer’s. (The nice woman at Baskin Robbins told me this after informing me that we couldn’t get dry ice there anymore. We did get a consolation prize of ice cream.) Nathan had recently seen a video of someone making a dry ice bubble machine — basically dry ice, hot water, and dish soap — so naturally it was necessary that we get some.



And I have to say that soap bubbles filled with smoke, where the smoke spills out over your hands when you pop them, are pretty cool. Everyone had fun poking at the bubble mass, including the baby, although she seemed to feel that this was no more or less strange than all the other bizarre things that happen in this world, like haircuts and wind, and spent much of her time off playing in the rain.


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