Sun Prints

It’s a sign of the bad timing I sometimes indulge in that only now, with rain and clouds having moved in and become the norm, have I gotten around to doing some sun printing.

This started with a product I stumbled across — probably through the Dharma Trading site, although I no longer remember for sure — called Inkodye. It looked cool: apply the stuff, add things to mask the surface, expose for a few minutes, wash, and the sun print is done. It looked quick enough and simple enough to do with kids, and when I took my very first test piece outside, Nathan was intrigued by the color appearing in the fabric.


This was pretty cool — especially watching the color develop so quickly — but I have to admit that I had minimal enthusiasm for the finished product. It was too stark, too monochrome, too… too sun-printy. Looking at my little test piece, I couldn’t quite see what I would ever use it for. It really seemed ideal for making sun prints with children or others with limited attention spans, but neither of my boys was interested in creating one of their own.

But I have a lot of random crafting materials around my house, and one of them is called Dye-na-Flow. It’s like a cross between a fabric dye and fabric paint. And in browsing information on sun printing (mostly looking for how I could make it cooler) I came across doing sun prints with that.



The colors are lovely, and the sun-printed areas of these initial tests are gentler as well. I like these much better, and it’s a shame that, realistically, I’ll probably need to shelve this project until at least next May.

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