Frankenstein Slept Here

Last year the boys had a little trouble integrating in the Village Free School. This is a apparently not uncommon for part-timers; most of the students are full time, and it just makes a difference if you’re around every day. But this year has been going much better, and Nathan has even been doing Drama Club. (There are apparently 21 students in Drama Club, which is about a third of the school.) He originally got involved in it because his friend Violet was doing it, but eventually he seemed to enjoy it for its own sake; during the last few practices he was loathe to leave at the end.

The holiday play this year was “Frankenstein Slept Here For The Holidays,” a short, very funny play populated by characters like the Baroness Frankenstein, a mummy, The Invisible Woman, a werewolf, etc. Nathan was part of the stage crew — specifically he was in charge of the lights, while Violet did sound effects. I’d read some of the script (old copies tended to get reused as drawing scratch paper) but hadn’t seen any of the practices, Mica being too disruptive an element to have in the room.


For the last two weeks of school Drama Club took us out nearly every day, attending practices both at the school and at the church where it would be held. This was a bit wearing and involved some long drives through rush hour, but Nathan’s excitement made it totally worth it. And it was very fun to finally see the production on the night of the VFS Holiday Extravaganza (play, art show, and pie sale). I kept to the back, managing the baby, who was not too keen on sitting quietly in a pew, and in fact felt that perhaps she needed a closer look at what was happening on stage — this unfortunately kept me too busy to take any pictures other than one of Mica enjoying her before-show treat. Even so, I really enjoyed the play and thought that the cast and crew did a great job. (During intermission some of the other free schoolers led the audience in a few Christmas carols, and Mica ran up to sprawl on the stage and smile at the audience. This had an excellent reaction, so she hung around.)

The next day, when we went to VFS for an end-of-year group lunch and movie, the Drama Club facilitator came up to us. She just wanted to let us know that she’d loved sitting next to Nathan for the show; she felt like they were sharing each others’ excitement at how well it was going. “You’re not sitting here to tell me what to do, are you?” Nathan had apparently asked her, and she’d said that no, she was only there to tell him when to start. Would Drama Club continue in spring? Nathan asked her now. Most definitely. I’m so excited to see what they do next.


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