Another Birthday

Ryan’s birthday this year was heralded by his demands — starting in the spring and slowly increasing in frequency as the year progressed — to know how many days it was until his birthday. I have to say that we’ve reached a significant milestone this year, though: he can now subtract. Once we hit September he became very adept at doing the minor math required to answer that question for himself, and his interaction with me was reduced to verifying his accuracy.

I may have let all that anticipation go to my head. On the Village Free School day closest to his birthday I decided to bring a birthday treat for him to share with the school. He loved this; not only did it extend the birthday celebration, but it meant that the whole school gathered in the lunch room to wish him happy birthday, which seemed to produce the same sort of shy pleasure in him that I vaguely remember from being six.

This did mean that I started a somewhat dangerous tradition, of course. Not only did I bake cupcakes (with strawberry frosting, no less!) for his actual birthday, but I baked forty-eight miniature chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles for the VFS celebration as well. And with Nathan’s birthday coming up in less than two weeks, I know I’ll be doing something comparable for him too.

Oh well, it was totally worth it.

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