Baby Clothes

It is not news that babies are cute, nor that baby clothes are cute. But my theory is that everyone has certain items of tiny little clothing that for some reason make them grin like an idiot, and I am no exception. If it sometimes seems that I haven’t spent much time dressing our babies up in cute outfits, this is not because I am inured to the effect of them; it’s only because a) I don’t bother to dress myself in cute outfits, so I’m hardly in the habit, and b) clothes cannot stay on a baby for more than ten minutes anyway without getting messy, so it doesn’t pay to get too invested.

But there are certain things that are just too cute to stand, and I’ve recently added a new one to the list: baby girl swimsuits.


For the boys, and for Mica as well up until last month, I just used a swim diaper. This has a lot to recommend it from a practical perspective. But going into summer, and with a lake vacation in front of us, I’m afraid I couldn’t resist getting Mica a girly little swimsuit, and at the risk of sounding like a squealy sort of person: oh my goodness, she’s adorable.


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