It has been a month full of fun and excitement in our household (well, within reason), but without a doubt the highlight of the month was a much-anticipated, week-long visit from Grandma. The entire week felt packed to me, but in a good way. At the Village Free School the boys gave their grandma a tour. At the pool they played with her while Mica got to spend some quality baby pool time in the shallows with me. Even the park was just more fun with Grandma along.




We roasted marshmallows outside one evening. It is genuinely amazing how many marshmallows a small child can eat and still want more; I’m pretty well satisfied after one. We also answered the important scientific question: What happens when you give a warm and melty marshmallow to a baby? (“Sticky baby” is a reasonable answer, but experienced parents probably leapt right to “bathtime.”)


I also took the opportunity of Linda’s visit to go on a morning excursion with her to Art a la Carte‘s Messy Madness, where babies are let loose en masse on a big sheet of paper with shaving cream, non-toxic paints, and brushes and toys of all kinds. Mica spent some time painting and lots of time watching, and still came home impressively decorated.


And we started what I hope will be an ongoing tradition: the Pretend Birthday party. If Grandma doesn’t get to be around for the actual birthdays, why not celebrate them all while she is here? All it takes is cake and candles, but Linda also treated the boys to a special excursion to buy birthday gifts for them.


No visit lasts forever. After we parted from his grandma at the airport, Ryan told me in a sad little voice that he’d gotten used to his grandma being there and wished she didn’t have to leave. Fortunately he is five and still easily distracted by an extra-special lunch of orange chicken.

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