Suminagashi is still good fun, but I’ve been feeling a lack in my life. This lack can best be summed up with the phrase “marbling on fabric.” I have nothing against paper — dead useful stuff, that — but can you sew with it? Not very easily.

As it happened, I actually had a marbling kit on my shelf, one of those things picked up a long time ago and never used. It looked slightly more complicated than suminagashi, with things like mordant and size, and I just hadn’t made it happen.

Now I have, and it turns out to be still pretty easy. What’s better, both Ryan (not unexpected) and Nathan (hallelujah!) gave it a whirl as well. Nathan’s creation is on the top left, and Ryan’s on the bottom left.


This is, as with all good crafts, only the tip of the iceberg. I have two books from the library now to tempt me into doing more.

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One Response to “Marbling”

  1. rsagerson Says:

    Yes, I totally understand that empty feeling that comes from inadequate marbling. And who could survive long without a little mordant and size? XXOO Dad

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