It’s That Time Again…

Time to add a load of compost to the garden beds! I love this job — it’s good strong work, the beds look great afterwards, and all that rich black dirt makes my fingers itch to plant things. It’s only mildly more challenging with a baby, depending on how worried one is about the baby tasting some dirt. (Answer: not very.)


The boys like me doing this job too, because they get to “help” as much as they want. Sometimes they do in fact help a bit, although I have to say that my shovel is vastly more effective than their trowels. But more importantly they get to play in dirt. From the way they get into it, one would think there were no other piles of dirt on the property for them to play in. (Not true.)



Nathan came in from a hard hour of dirt play with his hands absolutely black, gave them a quick rinse in the sink (just enough to make them muddy, as Dave pointed out) and then tried to pick up Mica. Who’d just had a bath to scrub her own blackness off. She looks grumpy in the picture, but that isn’t because she’s the first baby in the history of the world to be mad about getting dirty — it’s just that she was tired and we made her stand still for a photo shoot.


And now I’ve finally planted some carrots and greens, a few pea seeds (in hopes of a trellis to come soon, but that’s another story), and mulched the strawberry beds. Spring is really one of my favorite seasons.


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