New Things – Seattle

In casting about for local, not-too-expensive adventures this year, it dawned on me that my children knew essentially nothing of Seattle. When I was little I visited regularly, and while I can’t say I took the city into my soul, it was enough a part of my life that I wanted my kids to know it too. Also we have lots of family and friends in Seattle. It seemed perfect for a weekend trip.


I planned for this trip by reading lots of advice online of the best things to do with young kids, and hoping it wouldn’t be too cold and wet. In the end most of my reading and planning was discarded, because it turns out that the best way to visit Seattle is to stay with your brother, who has an amazing play room filled with toys, pets, and — most importantly — a boat.




We also happened to hit a May-like weekend of sunshine, the kind that makes one wonder why anyone would ever live anywhere else. The downside of this is that Pike Place (which is where we went from the boat) was absolutely packed. I am never thrilled about navigating heavy crowds, and with small, restless children (or worse, hungry ones) it drops even lower on my list of Fun Things To Do. So we skipped most of the market’s attractions, even the tossed fish, and settled for getting some lunch.


The upside was that we had amazing boat rides and a fantastic view from the Seattle Great Wheel. Mica loved the view as well; she spent most of the ride bumping her head against the glass doors, trying to get a little farther out so she could look straight down.


It was a fantastic trip. Ryan was very sad when we left, and asked me the next day how many days it would be before we went back to Seattle.


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