Learning Curve


We’ve been parents a while now. It no longer comes as a surprise that babies follow the classic sigmoid curve when learning things. Thus when Mica spent months with no sitting control at all, then finally gained a tiny amount of core stability, and within a week was sitting long enough to allow me to make the boys’ beds, it didn’t surprise me. Sitting is a canonical six-month skill anyway, and she is six months old, so there you have it.


I was a little surprised when she simultaneously developed the skill of going from a seated position to her hands and knees and back again, but perhaps I’m just not remembering our previous babies very clearly. I’d thought that tended to be a separate skill… But in any case, babies are all different, and it’s certainly a convenient ability.

This, coming a bare week later, is what surprised me.


Yes, that is crawling. Actual, intentional crawling, with consistent forward motion, the sort that allows her to throw herself face-first off the bed. (Dave has caught her by the ankle multiple times.) Not fast motion as of yet, but given the above-mentioned learning curve, we expect her to pick up speed rapidly.

This is tremendously exciting to the boys and somewhat exciting to Dave and me as well. Our more lukewarm response is only due to the fact that mobile babies are a bit less convenient than non-mobile ones.



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