Speaking Of Packing Lunches…

I couldn’t help but notice, at the Village Free School, that there was a serious dearth of brown paper bags and disposable items in their lunch bag area. Apparently the sort of people who send their kids to a free school are also the sort who like using reusable containers. Also there isn’t a great setup for lunch bags, which can pretty easily be tipped over or kicked or otherwise maligned in the lunch room.

This could only mean one thing — that it was time to sew some lunch bags.


Despite the awesomeness of the chili pepper fabric (thank goodness for a fabric stash!) I’ve decided that these are a first pass — they’re a little too bulky to be really convenient, and lack a handle, which I think would be useful. But they’re working just fine until I get around to the next version.

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  1. Bonnie Brunton Says:

    Clever woman,fantastic mother,wonderful wife,fortunate children.Bonnie

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