A long time ago I saw the idea somewhere of letting kids play with shaving cream, just for the fun of smearing around something foamy. Maybe I even did that myself as a kid? I’m not sure, but if I did I’d forgotten most of the salient features of the experience, because when I broached the idea to Dave he pointed out that shaving cream is really stinky. And boy is he right. Besides which, it probably isn’t a good thing to eat, and I’d hate to exclude Mica from the activity.

But it got me thinking: what about just normal whipping cream? We never use it in food, because it’s no good for Dave’s migraines, but it has all the required features — i.e., foamy and non-toxic. It doesn’t hurt that it’s fairly inexpensive; for a few dollars and five minutes of whipping we could get… well, honestly, about twenty minutes of play and an hour’s clean-up.

And pictures. The pictures make it totally worth it.







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2 Responses to “Cream”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Holly, don’t forget about PUD, cornstarch and water. Not so good to eat though.

  2. Cream Revisited | Ilex Quilts Says:

    […] decided recently to revisit the whipped cream activity I’d done with the kids a year and a half ago. Messy, edible, and fun, right? Best of […]

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