Have the kids and I ever had a schedule before? Sure, we had Wednesday playgroup for a long time, and I always do errands on the same day (so that my library books come due in a predictable fashion)… But now we’re doing two days a week at the Village Free School, and it’s kind of weird. Not so much the time there, which I still think is a cool addition to the boys’ lives. It’s just weird getting up in the morning twice a week and knowing that I have to get us ready in time for school.

Mind you, this is the most flexible school in the world. Kids can arrive as early as 8am (except Mondays), but most get there between 9:30 and 10:00, sign themselves in, and head off to do whatever it is they’re occupying themselves with. Pick-up time is similarly relaxed.

I suppose it’s just an adjustment to have two days a week taken up with something. For the first time in my parenting life I printed out a calendar at the beginning of January and began filling in our various activities, and between school and the pool and OMSI and a walk in Tryon (it was gorgeous; I love this climate) the month began to look very full. We have been living luxuriously free and easy, and compared to many people we are still living luxuriously free and easy, and it’s nevertheless busy in a way that I suspect will seriously increase my skill in packing lunches.

I think — reserving judgement, here — that it’s actually kind of fun.

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