Christmas: Check

The stockings have been emptied and re-hung, the presents are all open, an appropriately insane amount of treats consumed… And tonight the kids and I went out for our semi-traditional Christmas lights walk, made exceptionally beautiful by the presence of a rich fog that turned ordinary Christmas lights into fairy lanterns and gave street lamps golden skirts.

I received a gift from Ryan, by the way. The day after the initial gift drama, Dave took the kids out for lunch and Ryan decided he wanted to replace my gift. I came home to find a slightly larger package under the tree, decorated with assorted sequins and pom-poms from our craft stash. He’d chosen M&M’s this time; because, he informed me, he thought I would share them with him. This could be interpreted as self-serving, but I prefer to think that he correctly gauged his own capacity and worked with his psychology. In any case, the package stayed intact until I opened it. And I did share with everyone.

It is a measure of my advanced adulthood that I’m now secretly looking forward to New Year’s Eve, when I’ll take down the decorations and return my house to its normal state. You know the cliche about women bemoaning how they’ve become their mother? I’ve become my father. (Love you, Dad.)

Merry Christmas!


2 Responses to “Christmas: Check”

  1. Bob Sagerson Says:

    It happens to the best of us, Holly. 🙂

  2. Marybeth Says:

    Hi Holly, Your blog is so darling. I guess maybe Catholic guilt is a natural phenomenon. Can you add me to your email list. Thanks.

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