Village Free School

Yesterday we finished the second of our three experience days at the Village Free School, a Sudbury Valley type of school. Each day we spent about five and a half hours there, surrounded by between twenty and thirty kids of various ages. The boys spent most of their time in the front room designated the play room, where Legos and a play kitchen were the main things they gravitated towards. Mica and I wandered a bit more, as much as was possible in the rather small space.

While we were there I saw an RPG in process, games of Magic and Clue and Life being played, a holiday play being practiced, and a poker lesson/game. It reminded me of my earlier years at Diamond Lake, when a bunch of cousins of various ages were expected to basically entertain themselves.

I was impressed by the relative lack of chaos, given the small space and large number of people. There was a general sense of people doing things, sometimes purposeful, sometimes more of hanging out and talking. Even over the two days I saw Nathan and Ryan begin to settle into the space and become more comfortable talking to some of the other people, staff and kids.

Dave is taking the kids back for their last experience day on Monday, and I’m interested to hear his impressions. For myself, I like the space, I like the interactions, and I think going to this school a couple times a week could be a wonderful addition to their field of experiences.

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3 Responses to “Village Free School”

  1. rsagerson Says:

    Very interesting experience for the boys. I hope this works out for you. I have forwarded this to Suzanne, MB, Patsy, Bonnie and April, with instructions to sign up if they are interested. FYI

    Loved the photo of Mica–her hair really looks red!


  2. Suzanne Says:

    I want in. That sounds like a great experience for the kids. I hope they (and you) end up loving it.

  3. Bonnie Brunton Says:

    We would love to be included Holly…Bonnie& Tom

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