Iron Man


Superheroes are a relatively recent interest in our household, only really becoming a big thing within the last year or so. Being fond of superhero movies myself, I kept waiting for them to take hold of the boys’ minds. And finally, perhaps a year ago, they did, primarily through Nathan’s fascination with Iron Man. He began wearing his long underwear all the time in mimicry of the bodysuit that Iron Man wears inside his metal suit, and I made a mini arc reactor that could be snapped onto his shirt. Sometimes he even used a marker to give himself facial hair a la Tony Stark.



Dave and I try to let new interests simmer for a while before putting any money into them, since fairly often a passionate new interest sparks and dies within a few days. But Nathan kept watching Iron Man movies, kept shooting pretend beams out of his palms, and kept finding ways to turn himself into Iron Man. So when we were in Coeur d’Alene this year, we bought him an actual Iron Man costume.


And this was awesome. This was the greatest thing that had ever happened to him. He took it off at night and hung it carefully where he could see it, then put it on again first thing in the morning. He was going to be a scientist, he told me, so that he could develop new technology — specifically, one assumes, a real-life Iron Man suit.

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