Baby Roller

Mica has just recently acquired the skill of rolling from back to front.


It’s been a while since we’ve had a baby, and at first I interpreted her attempts to roll over as some kind of extremely frustrating, face-first attack on the surface beneath her. To be honest, I’m not certain why she was so driven to learn this skill, as she has never been particularly fond of tummy time. Given the choice, she’d much rather be walked around the house and find things to stomp on.


But perhaps it’s an instinctive thing. Certainly I’ve seen her do a quick roll sometimes and appear surprised by the outcome. In the morning, when she’s generally happy, she’ll spend several minutes exploring the world from her new position, happily high-centered on her little belly. By degrees she recalls that she has no way to roll to her back again, and will begin to grumble, baby complaints gradually increasing until someone fixes the problem.


In the evening, when she is already tired and grumpy to begin with, she still rolls to her front, but her complaints about it are immediate and vociferous. “Not this again!” is how I interpret her yells. “Why does this keep happening to me?!”


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One Response to “Baby Roller”

  1. Grandpa Ron Says:

    This is surely the most beautiful baby girl in the world!

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