Cutting Styrofoam

We have a styrofoam cutter. People who don’t know Dave might wonder why, but those who do will see immediately that of course we need a nifty gadget which allows us to quickly and precisely cut styrofoam using a heated wire. Who doesn’t? We also have a ten foot high sheet of inch-thick styrofoam in the garage, but I’m sure there’s nothing unusual in that.

It seems irrelevant to discuss the use for which the styrofoam cutter was originally purchased. The point is that the kids love it, and every once in a while we pull it out and do some project time.



Cutting things is fun. But if you’re me, and you want to be involved in the project without taking up the scarce resource of the cutter itself, using the little weirdly shaped bits of styrofoam produced is even more fun. Think of them as tiny temporary stamps in abstract shapes.





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