…And Baby Pictures… Sort Of

I realize that lake post included very little of Mica, and of course this is inexcusable. Pictures of adults are desirable only if they’re very pertinent indeed; those of kids are good; but baby pictures are those little gems of cuteness that make any grandparent’s heart glad. So I went back to my folder of pictures from our vacation and came up with these:



Yep, that’s it. One picture of the side of her head while Nathan held her, and one with a somewhat distorted perspective of her staring vacantly at the lake.

I’ve been informed by a friend who was the second child that some children notice the discrepancy of baby picture counts later in life, and I just want to go on the record now to say that we do not love our third baby any less than our first one. We just tend to love her without a camera getting involved.

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