Tie Dye, Continued

Inspired by the success of our first try at tie-dye, we set up a tie-dye extravaganza a couple weeks ago with playgroup. I still had a bunch of dye, and I invited everyone to bring shirts or whatever else they’d like to dye. We even had a sunny day, so we could set up tables outside. My theory was that the kids would be done quickly, and then we moms could get down to serious tie-dye business with whatever remained.

As expected, the kids showed minimal interest. They were already hard into playing by the time we were set up, and although three of them spent some time at the tie-dye tables, they were never there at the same time and most of their attention was elsewhere. That was fine; they were not my primary targets anyway. My primary goal was to make more onesies.


I did learn some lessons, though. I learned that there’s only so much tie-dye one can do at a time, and scaling up the amount of dye and clothing by a factor of three or four is maybe not the best idea ever. Conveniently, I also think that having too many colors available is less than useful; a small selection of nicely correlated colors, as we’d used the first time, made it nearly impossible to do something horrible, while a larger selection gave more room for bad combinations.


But overall it was fun and exciting and I’m very happy with most of what we made, and appreciate the help that the other women in the group gave me, since I had by far the vast majority of things to dye. And I got a chance to try out some of my new fabric paints on a couple of the onesies, which added a nice layer of icing to the fun cake.


Best of all, I was unable to resist doing some socks. Tie-dyed baby socks. These give the onesies a serious run for their money.