Lately I have not been doing much. Or rather, I’ve been doing lots and lots of work internally (as I remind my husband frequently) by working on making a baby. This takes enormous effort and concentration, I tell him, which is why I appear to be lazing around the house so much, letting other less important things, like vacuuming, slide.

But one of the few things I have done is to complete a quilt.


This quilt was for my lovely mother-in-law, and it was wonderfully fun to make. I like making quilts just for myself, but I’ve found that there’s something special about making one for someone I love. I spend all that time planning and stitching and layering and quilting, and always somewhere in my mind are all the nice thoughts I have about that person. And all that time spent meditating on those nice thoughts seems to make me love the person more. It’s all in all a good thing.

‘Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new.’ – Ursula K. Le Guin

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Sphere Of Death

Dave has been looking at remote control helicopters for some time now, and for Christmas we lucked out and got one. Spherical, it seems particularly simple and durable compared to many of the others he’s examined.



It’s still a bit too advanced for Ryan to drive. Nathan can do it, but he mostly just scoots it along the ground; adding in the third dimension is too much for him. Dave, on the other hand, has mastered it fairly well and can fly it deftly around the house. He mainly uses it to chase the boys. They are sensitized to it now and will run screaming from it at the least provocation, especially Ryan. The fact that the thing is lightweight, unstable, and completely devoid of deadly weapons seems not to matter. Dave says he’s training them to beware of drones, so they’ll have a survival edge when the singularity comes and artificial intelligences take over the world.