More Picking

Fruit seasons are moving on, almost faster than I can keep up with them. I scrambled this year to get in some blueberries and peaches. The blueberries are easy, of course: pick and freeze, as simple as that. They’re the only fruit that we actually ran out of last year.


Peaches are more involved, but they are so worth it. Best new recipe this year: peach fruit leather. It tastes much like the peach fruit leather of my childhood, which I adored. And it’s incredibly simple to make.



And of course, we’ve started a batch of peach wine. We’re going to make this one light, no added sugar to up the alcohol — we envision an off-dry, mild drink that we can enjoy as fall creeps in, a last golden taste of summer. That’s the theory, anyway. We’ll see if the yeast agree.

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