Ah, The Lake


Often when I neglect the blog for a long time, it’s because I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with other things, or under the weather, or something along those lines. Not this time — this time it’s because I was on vacation, and came back from that vacation totally recharged and ready to go, and have been going pretty much ever since.





This was our second time as Tom and Marybeth’s guests, and it was awesome again. We did a bit of everything at the lake this year. There was lots of swimming, of course, especially for me — I’ve decided that a first-thing-in-the-morning swim is about as good as it gets. Nathan and Ryan were both pretty hesitant in the water at first, but Nathan started doing more toward the end of the week, and since then has been impatient for excursions to our local pool. We also did some hikes, especially Nathan and Dave; we took a boat ride over to another town and rode bikes along a trail for a while; and we took another boat ride over to a restaurant on our last night, and came back under the stars.

Arguably one of the highlights for me was when Marybeth’s friend Beth came over with two paddleboards, and we got to try them out. I cannot express how much fun that was. Yes, I took a dip once, but hey, how bad is it to immerse in sweet lake water? Most of the time it was smooth and fun and I came out of it with my entire body feeling great.

I have no pictures of the actual paddling, only of the on-board yoga we tried at the end. Beth expressed a desire not to be pictured, which is a pity, because she looked amazing doing yoga on her board — strong and sure and calm. I managed about three poses, with far less grace.



Beth made a huge impression on Ryan as well. “I like you, Mommy,” he told me just the other day (two weeks after we’d gotten back), and then added, “and I like Beth.”

And Marybeth was able to schedule our trip to coincide with the Meighan family reunion, which meant that we spent a couple of days there. Those pictures soon…


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