Shipwreck Beads

We went up to my Dad’s house for a birthday get-together this week. Theoretically that is a subject more worthy of pictures than the bead store we visited on the way back, but I took very few pictures and not a single one came out. Just trust me — it was good fun, including excellent food, homemade ice cream, a fabulous cake, and some of my favorite people.

Now back to the beads. On the way home we stopped at Shipwreck Beads, based on a recommendation from my aunt and uncle. They said it was big and amazing, the size of a warehouse. They said we should see it at least once. They said that unlike most bead stores, they don’t just offer a little tray to put your purchases in; you can get a freaking cart.

So we went — without any specific objectives, and knowing that our time would be limited by the two small children we were bringing with us, which limitation was probably a good thing.

Their web site has pictures of their interior, so I will not try to describe it. But I will say this: Holy. Moses.

In the end I limited myself to a few fire polish beads and some focal pieces — things that I would be unlikely to find elsewhere, and that could be the focus of a necklace. I particularly love the blown glass ones; they’re so light and airy. Now I just have to design necklaces to fit them.

Oh, and I also got a catalog. That might be my undoing.



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