This Year We Didn’t Get Rained Out

Sisters! My absolute favorite place to be on the second Saturday in July.

It was even worth getting up at 6am. A friend and I went to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show for a total girls’ day out, accompanied only by a very cute and wonderfully mellow 5-month-old. This guy put up with more than twelve hours of driving, walking around looking at quilts, and hanging out in the park with hardly a complaint. All he asked was that everyone who saw him admire him. Which they did.


Each year I take fewer pictures, apparently limiting myself to quilts that really strike a new note with me or that have a specific element I’d like to try. Here is a selection of shots from this year:







The book exhibit this year was on The Invention of Hugo Cabret, and it was, as usual, awe-inspiring.



And then there were a couple of free-standing showcases. One was a quilted cover for a weather balloon, about ten feet in diameter. The other was a quilted car cover. We can quilt anything.


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