Russian Spiral Necklace


I love the thick, luxurious look of a beaded rope. Recently I tried a new one: Russian Spiral. It’s a very simple stitch, but the effect is lovely and dense.

The tutorial I was using said that it worked up incredibly fast — which is true, relatively speaking. At least, it’s a lot faster than tubular netting (which project is still in progress) and it’s simpler as well. But it still took a while, especially once I went down to using size 15 and 11 beads instead of 11 and 8.

One of the trickiest parts for me was figuring out how to finish the piece into a necklace. I don’t really like the clasps I’ve seen made out of beads; I’d rather have a metal clasp, but getting a clean connection between the beadweaving and the clasp always seems difficult. In this case I got lucky: I found bead caps that perfectly enclosed the ends of the tube. I tied the lines off onto closed jump rings and added a magnetic clasp to make a nicely finished choker.


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