Of Stardust and Zombies

I ran across a lovely picture book lately: You Are Stardust. It’s about the connection between all things, and how all of our atoms were once part of a star that exploded eons ago, etc.

Yesterday I sat down with the kids to read it. I wasn’t sure how much they were getting from it, but they listened with only occasional fidgets. Near the end, though, when we got to the page explaining how other animals also form friendships, and some, like bats and whales, babysit for each other, Ryan apparently was done with it. He leapt in with his more usual thoughts.

“What if we got a knife,” he interrupted, “and killed a whole bunch of bats?”

“Well… that would be too bad,” I said. “Then we would have a bunch of dead bats.”

“Bats can poison you,” he informed me.

When we finished the book, both boys voted to re-read Zombie Makers. This is also a fun book, but in a very different and kind of creepy way: it’s about various parasites that not only kill their host but also alter its behavior in some way first, turning it in some sense into a zombie. Far more words and fewer pictures, but apparently much more to their taste.


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