We finally did it: we built a sandbox.


To be fair, it was sort of a bait-and-switch. We started by building a gravel pit, inspired by the fact that the kids like to dig in the gravel which is part of the foundation for each of our rain-collecting totes. We would really rather they didn’t do this, so for a long time we’ve batted around the idea of giving them an official gravel pit of their own, in the hope that their efforts could be thus channeled. I gave it a 50-50 chance.

We started looking around at our scrap wood, including a big, solid post that we’d gotten way back when from an estate sale, and the thing looked pretty easy. So easy that Dave, abandoning all procrastination, just started right in. In an afternoon we put together the frame, which weighed more than Dave and had to be rolled (awkwardly, given that it was square) across the yard to its new home. And then, since we hadn’t dug its final resting place, we ended up leaning it crazily up against the little hillock of cut-out sod that has accumulated from all of our past garden projects, as though it had been driving drunk and gotten high-centered.

But eventually it was in place, and we were practically done. It was then that Dave pointed out that our design would make it easy to add a cover. And if we could keep out the neighborhood cats, why not sand instead of gravel? There was a tie vote, but since Ryan’s vote seemed based purely in what we’d told him previously (“We can’t have sand because the cats will get in it,” he told us solemnly, multiple times) sand carried the day.

And there it is. The question is, will it get used? We’ll have to see after it stops raining.

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