Recently Nathan has been asking for a Minecraft cape. For those who are less embedded in Minecraft than our family, your little character in Minecraft can be given a cape using certain mods or, more prestigiously, by the makers of Minecraft themselves.

We don’t have any of the mods (yet; I’m sure someone will get to one eventually), and no one at Mojang has seen fit to gift our five-year-old with a cape. But what I do have is fabric — lots of it, including (for some unknown reason) a chunk of textured green velour. And I also have scissors. And really, that’s all this project took.



Somewhat to my surprise, both kids have identified themselves as superheroes in these capes. Superheroes have not played a large part in their lives — not nearly as large as Creepers, at least — but somewhere they’ve picked up the idea that superheroes wear capes. Their knowledge of individual superheroes is a little sketchy, though. Ryan informed me that because of his cape he could walk on the ceiling and make webs.

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