Dog vs. Baby

The other day I made a classic error. Ryan has finally made the leap from “I like dogs” to “I want to get a dog” and we were discussing the issue on the couch together. I told them that we might get a dog someday, but that we probably wouldn’t do it until after we tried for another baby, and the new baby was at least a couple years old.

The kids had previously been in favor of another baby, but phrased in this way, they both reached the obvious conclusion.

“I want a dog instead of a baby,” Ryan told me.

“Me too,” said Nathan. “Let’s get a dog instead.”

I tried to convince them that the baby part wasn’t really optional; that I hadn’t been offering them a choice so much as a timeline. I’m not sure this makes any sense to them. Just this morning Ryan brought up the subject again.

“I want a dog,” he said, then added, “Not a baby.”

After a moment’s consideration, though, he took the possibilities one step farther.

“I want a dog to fight the baby,” he told me.

I honestly don’t know where that came from.

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One Response to “Dog vs. Baby”

  1. Peter Sagerson Says:

    That just seems like good sense, really. Everyone knows that dogs are more loyal than babies. You want to get the dog first so it will be on your side when the baby suddenly turns on you.

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