Stuffed Animal Storage

I’m not really a decorator. Whatever genetics resulted in my grandmother’s house being so tastefully appointed passed me by. I remember talking to someone shortly after Nathan was born, who smiled when it came out that we hadn’t found out his gender ahead of time. She couldn’t have done that, she told us, because she needed to get the baby room ready, so she needed to know blue or pink, and she just couldn’t stand in-between colors like orange. Both Dave and I paused a moment too long before remembering to smile and nod. It simply never occurred to me to give up my sewing room to Nathan (at the time that would have been the only option). And if we had put him in a separate room, the decor would have been a mixture of Things We Found At Thrift Stores and Colors I Like. I like blue. I like green. I really like teal. You get the picture.

But ever since we got the boys’ bunk beds, I’ve had this urge to fix up their room a bit. Nothing fancy… really I just want to clean up a few ad hoc categories of stuff. For example, we got some sliding drawers that allowed us to put both boys’ clothes in the closet (Ryan’s had still been in our room). And we fixed up a special shelf for their trucks, a major toy category in the house. And I finally, finally got around to making a space for their stuffed animals.


Yet another of those projects which I’d had stewing forever, this one really was quick and easy. Fabric in triangular pieces (doubled for strength), with grommets in the corners, and attached to the wall with hooks — and we had three quick, easy and cheap corner shelves.


I won’t say that their room is now tastefully appointed, but it is getting closer. And there’s now a very clear and obvious meaning when I tell them to put all the stuffed animals away.


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