This year I decided to do gingerbread cookies with the kids. In all honesty, this was probably because of a recent visit to the Decorette Shop, where I paused in my totally legitimate chocolate-buying to browse through their sprinkles. They have lots and lots of really nifty little sprinkles. It was hard not to think of good uses for them.


I envisioned this as a fun family pre-Christmas activity, and it was, in its way. I did the initial baking myself, because I know from experience that any cookie requiring rolling and cutting is one I’ll be happier doing myself. And Nathan was only enamored of the decorating until he’d eaten his fill; the concept of decorating cookies for the future, or just for fun, appeared to be foreign to him. Ryan stuck with it, apparently because he loved playing with the frosting. As for me, anything that involves frosting and sprinkles and making little disposable works of art is a good thing.



Dave’s contribution was to use two of the little ginger-girls to put on a morality play for the kids. The one in the green dress kept pressuring her friend in the white dress to go into a cave, despite the rumors of a fearsome monster who lived there. Eventually White went along with her friend, and sure enough, as soon as they entered the cave a hideous monster leaned down and bit the head off Green. White ran off in terror and was comforted by a (slightly bewildered) Ryan, who told her that she could sleep next to him. Then Dave and the kids shared out the cookies.

I’m not sure what this taught our kids. Don’t go into caves with monsters? Don’t give into peer pressure? Don’t be as low on the food chain as a gingerbread cookie? Maybe all of those…

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