Dave and I have different strengths. I was reminded of this yet again this morning, while I was listening to him give Nathan an impromptu lesson on our household network layout. Together they examined the firewall and wireless router, and then traced the network cables all the way from Dave’s computer to the external fiber optic cable. It was pretty awesome.

Awesome in an entirely different way was my most recent contribution to the kids’ lives: beads.

I’ve only gotten these out once before. For each of them I tied an initial bead onto the end of a string, and then tied a big blunt needle onto the other end. I put out several kinds of beads in containers and let them at it. That was a fun activity. Nathan even strung enough beads to get a necklace, with the addition of a magnetic clasp. (I need to use stronger string, though; Ryan broke the necklace within a day.)


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