New Anything Bag

Completed: a homemade bag which, for lack of a better term, I’ll call a diaper bag.

We no longer need to carry diapers with us when we leave the house, but that doesn’t mean that I can eschew a bag. Leaving the house without water and a towel is always risky; for any outing longer than a couple of hours, carrying snacks is a good idea; and there can also be spare clothes and sunscreen for outdoor adventures, or distractions to make boring errands easier.

I’d been using an old green bag from a long-ago biology conference. This is better.

There are many things I like about it: the lining fabric, the magnetic clasp, the arrangement of pockets (including two spots for water bottles). But my absolute favorite thing about it is that the majority of the bag is made from my old jeans. Piecing the denim in diagonal strips was just a random idea that I ended up loving beyond all expectations.

Strangely, I find that I’m actually getting low on old denim. I honestly never thought that would happen.

I still need to put it through its paces to see if the size and arrangement really suit me. So far, though, it feels like a major step up from the biology bag.


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