Bunk Beds

The other day we took the plunge and got bunk beds for the kids. They’ve been sleeping on our old queen mattress for a long time. This has had some pros and cons. On the plus side, they’ve enjoyed playing on it, and I’ve occasionally come in after all noise has ceased to find them snuggled up together. On the other hand, it’s sometimes taken a very long time for noise to cease at night, as the appeal of playing or fighting together far outweighs the appeal of quietly going to sleep.

So the possibility of bunk beds has been on our minds for a while. When I saw an ad for a three-layer bunk made by a local craftsman, we went for it. The advantage of a three-layer bunk is that the lowest bed is right on the floor, which frankly is just right for Ryan at three years old. During the day I have no worry about him climbing in and out of a low bunk, but at night I think we’d more likely hear a solid thunk as he forgot about the drop, followed by wails.

The beds required a little assembly. The man who delivered them said that he could put them together in about an hour and a half. It took us about five hours. I like to think that’s a matter of practice, not intelligence.

In any case, the boys were very excited about their new bed. That first night, Nathan came to me before 8:00 and asked if I could please brush his teeth so he could go to bed. I probably don’t have to mention that it was the first (and last, thus far) time he’d ever asked me that. And overall the bunk beds have cut down drastically on the amount of post-bedtime fighting that occurs each night, which is fantastic.

The downside is that, if there’s enough light leaking into their room, Ryan has taken to getting up and dumping toys out on the floor instead. Our work is clearly not done.


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