Tasting Summer

This morning, while the mini dutch babies were baking, I headed out to our front yard to get a few strawberries as an accompaniment. The warmer weather is really bringing these babies on.

It’s time to start freezing some of these little guys. Our frozen strawberries from last year (10 gallons!) has kept us in smoothies, sauces and jams all the way through the winter. There’s nothing like that sweet burst of juice from a fresh berry, though. Man, I’m glad they’re back. So is Ryan. In this picture he managed a perfect James Bond expression — if James Bond were two years old and prone to making suave gestures with a strawberry in his hand.

Nathan seems able to discern the ripe berries from the unripe, too. This is not as easy as it sounds, since as I’ve mentioned before, I inherited fairly stringent requirements from my dad. But Nathan is doing well. The other day he refused a strawberry I offered him on the grounds that it was “too orange-y.” I was both piqued (it wasn’t orange-y) and proud.

Ryan, on the other hand, is completely hopeless at distinguishing subtle shades of red, and has been banned from berry-picking without supervision.

Dessert tonight: scones with crushed strawberry sauce. Oh, and the dutch babies were really good with the strawberries, too.


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