Cut And Paste

I’ve mentioned before that I have had limited success doing anything crafty with the boys. Occasionally they get into it, but usually they just don’t seem that interested in making things. I don’t think I’m insanely focused on the end result of drawing or painting or whatever; I understand that the process is the whole point at this age. But I admit to getting a little impatient when the “process” devolves after about two minutes into hurling handfuls of the relevant crafting materials at each other. Come on, guys. That’s what dirt is for.

So I was pleasantly surprised when an attempt at cut-and-paste worked out rather well. Both of them helped with cutting (or tearing, in Ryan’s case) our papers into various shapes, and gluing them onto a big piece of butcher paper. True, Nathan mostly made long strips that he promptly attached to his truck (aka our couch) as flags to indicate that it carried an oversize load. And Ryan was very, very interested in what he could smear with the glue stick. But so what? No one threw anything that I recall, and we all had fun in our own ways.

I have no pictures of them actually working on the project, unfortunately. This wasn’t entirely because I was busy saying things like “please don’t lick the glue stick.” Mostly I just got involved in the process. I loved how Nathan glued down some of the narrow scraps left from my cutting out leaves — I just would have thrown them away, but they gave a great twiggy sense. And Ryan’s torn pieces of blue paper meant that instead of making more leaves from them, they turned into water, changing the scene entirely from what I’d originally envisioned. I guess that’s what made this project so satisfying: it felt like we grew it together.

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